Visual Analytics

Tableau, R, D3.js

Recent Course Information

  • Lectures & Labs (2018 Spring): Mondays 5:45 - 8:25 pm, Location: M311

This course is an introduction to grounded principles and techniques of design, cognition, perception, and human-computer-interaction for visualizing data interactively. Today, the amount of digital data has grown exponentially, which posts a major challenge for business to manipulate and analyze data efficiently. To gain useful insight from business data, the visual analytics techniques have drawn attention to the public.

In this class, students will learn how to collect and process big data and learn a wide array of visualization techniques. Students should be able to apply the techniques to our everyday life or solve research problems. For business students, Tableau , R and Power BI are popular options. For IT and CS students, D3.js will offer you interactive, flexible, and powerful to visualize data.



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